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  • Why Proper Roofing Ventilation Is so Important

    Why is proper roof ventilation so important? Without adequate ventilation you can end up with too much heat trapped in the attic. An effective ventilation system will allow the heat to escape correctly and reduces your cooling bill. If you notice your cooling bill continues to grow each month, it indicates you have a ventilation problem. Hire a commercial roofer in Midlothian, TX , to look at the ...
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  • About Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing has become increasingly popular. As the price of asphalt continues to ride , the price of metal remains the same. Not only is the price steady, but also the metal roofing offers homeowners an assured quality. Durability Homeowners trust metal roofing due to its longevity. Metal roofing holds a life span of 50 years and longer; backed by a 35yr warranty on everything down to the ...
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  • Maintaining Your Commercial Roof in Midlothian

    Maintaining a Midlothian commercial roof is important to prevent leaks and problems that can cause a business to be shut down for weeks during repair work. Commercial buildings are commonly ignored until there is a major problem. A commercial roofer in Midlothian can perform routine maintenance to keep leaks from occurring. Don’t let a simple leak turn into a large problem that costs thousands of ...
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  • How To Install Roofing Felt

    There are many steps included in installing a new roofing structure . It all begins with a solid decking foundation created from plywood or strand board. This plywood is not waterproof, which requires a waterproofing membrane called roofing felt, or also called tar paper. This paper forms with the plywood to create a barrier for moisture. The amount of waterfall in your area will determine the ...
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  • 4 Ways to Prepare for your New Residential Roof Installation

    Preparing for Residential Roof Replacement Taking the news that your roofing needs replacement may be hard to hear but it is inevitable. Once you find signs of mold, water damage, and leaks there is little room for repair; the extent of the damage may be too great. If you are expecting a roofing contractor in Midlothian to replace your residential roof, you may not know the process to prepare for ...
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  • 3 Ways to Add Design to Your Roof

    Midlothian Roofing Trends- How To Add Design for an existing home? Working with a Midlothian roofing contractor can help you identify the latest roofing trends including which materials are popular, color schemes, and styles to select. Composite shingles continue to rank as one of the top-selling roofing materials due to price, color schemes, and durability. Clay tiles are another popular roofing ...
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  • Which Roofing Companies To Trust After A Bad Job

    Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company after a Bad Experience It’s happened before. You’ve decided to hire a company or professional of some type and you had a horrible experience. Now you are apprehensive about hiring professionals again, afraid that you can’t trust them to get the job done. Elite Roofing and Consulting has heard your horror stories of bad roofing companies who made you distrust ...
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  • Preparing Your Roof for Springtime Rain

    Caring for your roof is one of the most important things you can do for your home. Proper maintenance of a roof will prevent leaks and serious structural problems. However, most homeowners are not aware of how to check a roof, and many do not know what to look for when inspecting a roof. Hiring a Midlothian roofing contractor is a great way to ensure your roof doesn’t have any problem areas that ...
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  • What is the Lifetime of my Roof?

    As a homeowner, replacing your roof is likely to be your most expensive ongoing repair. There are many factors to consider when speaking of how long your roof will last. The 4 factors below have the most impact on how long your roof will last, meaning that you must keep them top of mind. Type Of Roof Read More: Preparing Your Roof for Springtime Rain When it comes to modern-day roofing, shingles ...
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  • How Weather Affects The Roofing System

    The Damaging Effects of Weather Exposure on Your Midlothian Residential Roofing System Exposure to harsh, natural weather elements are the biggest threat to your roofing system. Temperature extremes can quickly destroy your roof surface if not maintained. There are many forces coming together to bring damaging destruction to your residential roofing in Midlothian ; wind, temperature, rain and snow ...
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  • Increasing Your Home's Value With Midlothian Roof Replacement

    Midlothian Roof Replacement and Improvements That Add Home Value When purchasing a new home, there are many things potential buyers, realtors and home inspectors look for in a home on the market. There are many home improvements that add value to your home, like bathroom remodels, kitchen upgrades or flooring options. However, the first interaction people see when viewing the home is the exterior; ...
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  • The Importance of Roof Ventilation

    Most homeowners don’t realize how poor roofing ventilation contributes to roofing damage and their comfort. Poor attic and roofing ventilation can cause numerous problems for homeowners. Improperly vented homes can cause roofing decay, mold and ice dams, which can be costly. Learning the signs of roofing ventilation problems could help you to determine if your need to make repairs or contact ...
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  • Common Causes for Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

    Even if your roof is well-maintained or fairly new, heavy rainfall is still a cause for concern. The areas of your roof that are prone to pooling water can lead to a leak during heavy rain. Not to mention, your gutters simply may not be able to keep up with the downpour. Below are some common causes of roof leaks in heavy rain. Leaking Skylight It is not uncommon for skylights to leak during heavy ...
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