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What is the Lifetime of my Roof?

What is the Lifetime of my Roof?

As a homeowner, replacing your roof is likely to be your most expensive ongoing repair. There are many factors to consider when speaking of how long your roof will last. The 4 factors below have the most impact on how long your roof will last, meaning that you must keep them top of mind.

Type Of Roof

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When it comes to modern-day roofing, shingles are far from your only option. That being said, shingles are still an option—and the type of shingle you select is directly related to how long your roof will last. With modern-day roofing options you can expect your roof to last anywhere from 15 to 50+ years. Just a few of the roofing options you have to choose from include:
• Shingles—asphalt, clay, cedar, or slate
Concrete Tile
• Spray Foam Roofing
Metal Roofs—aluminum, galvanized steel, or tin
• Thermoplastic Polyolefin and Polyvinyl Chloride
Also keep in mind, that you can extend the life of a sound roof by have a roof coating applied. An expert in residential roofing in Midlothian will help you to determine your best roofing solution—even if you are not in need of a roof repair.

Local Weather

Your roof’s primary job is to protect your home from the elements. This means that the more severe your local weather is, the more you will rely on your roof to protect your home. The most destructive weather for roofs includes high winds, hurricanes, tornados, hail, heavy snow, rain, and ice. Even if your weather is fairly mild year-round, it is important to do a visual check of your roof after a storm to see if you are in need of a Midlothian roof repair specialist. In most cases, a good pair of binoculars will help you to identify any missing shingles, discoloration, buckling, or damage. If you are not sure what to look for, call for a professional inspection.

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Commitment To Ongoing Care

Just because you know the expected lifecycle of your roof, does not mean that ongoing repairs and maintenance are not necessary. In fact, a handful of roof repairs over the years can go a long way in prolonging the life of your roof. As mentioned above, you should always visually inspect your roof after a major storm, but you should also have a roof inspector in Midlothian check your roof, at least once per year. This way areas of opportunity can be identified sooner rather than later.

DIY Roof Mistakes

While there are many repair and maintenance projects you can learn to do solo, roof repair is not one of them. Even if the roofing problem looks as though it is solved, even the tiniest of gaps or cracks in your roofing or flashings can lead to costly damage.
If you live in the Midlothian area and are in need of a quality roof professional, give Elite Roofing and Consulting a call. They are not only up-to-date with the most modern in roofing technology and options, but are available for everything from inspecting your roof, repairing your roof, or replacing your roof altogether.