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When Should You Schedule a Roofing Cleaning Service?

When Should You Schedule a Roofing Cleaning Service?

In order to avoid costly repairs and increased HVAC expenses, homeowners and business owners must clean and maintain their roofing systems. It is imperative to schedule a roof cleaning or preventative maintenance at least once a year with a licensed and insured contractor.

But when is the best time to schedule a cleaning? While there is no such thing as a wrong time to get roof cleaning, spring’s arrival is considered the preferred season due to favorable weather conditions. A roof that has been covered in snow and/or exposed to cold temperatures for several months can have a negative impact on a roof. However, it is also important to set up a cleaning after heavy rain or a huge storm.

The following are the steps our Midlothian roofers take during the roofing cleaning to ensure your system’s optimal efficiency and health:

  1. Inspect damage. Our team will look for any sort of structural damage, as well as any punctures or tears in the roofing membrane. We want to make sure that wind and ice have not negatively affected the membrane and compromised it.
  2. Remove all debris. Leaves, branches, trash, and other materials on the roof need to be extracted from the roof. If the debris is not removed, it can blow around and result in punctures and tears to the membrane. Furthermore, debris can cause clogging in drains, creating water drainage and puddling problems that can lead to substantial roof issues.
  3. Clean the roof. Not only is a clean roof pleasing to the eye, but it also improves the efficiency and performance of the system.

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