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5 Questions To Decide If You Need A Roof Inspection

5 Questions To Decide If You Need A Roof Inspection

There are plenty of reasons why you may need your Midlothian roof inspected, but here are our top 5 questions to ask yourself to decide if you need a roof inspection right away.

Do you have a roof leak?

If your roof has begun leaking you should have a professional roof inspection as soon as possible. Even a small drip can be a sign of a much larger problem with your roof. Our expert roofing consultants can diagnose the source of your leak and give you the best long term recommendation to solve your problem.

Do you have missing or lifted roof shingles?

Any time there is a large storm you should try and visually inspect your roof from the ground, and if it is safe to do so, go on the roof and see if there are any shingles that have obviously shifted. Lifted shingles are usually one of the first and most easy to spot issues with your roofing. Missing shingles leave your roof extremely vulnerable to the elements, and if they are not replaced quickly, it can lead to a roofing nightmare.

Do you have hail damage or wind damage?

Has your roof been obviously damaged by the elements from one of the recent storms in Midlothian? Maybe you have no idea because you’re not able to inspect the roof visually yourself or don’t know what to look for. The roofing experts at Elite Roofing and Consulting know exactly what to look for when searching for roof damage. We have been inspecting and repairing roofs in Midlothian that have been hail damaged and wind damaged for years.

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Do you see hail splatter marks on your air conditioning unit or window screens?

After a hail storm there are usually some pretty strong indicators that your home was hit. With the softball sized hail that comes down in Midlothian, your window screens and air conditioning units usually take a beating. Take a look at these items after a storm (once it’s safe to go outside again) and check to see if your roof should be inspected also.

Did any of your neighbors have their roofs replaced recently?

Keeping up with the Joneses can keep you and your family safe and comfortable in your Midlothian home. If you have noticed any of your neighbors getting their roofs replaced, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected as well.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, call or email us now to schedule a no hassle, no obligation roof inspection! Our knowledgeable inspectors will give you honest answers to your questions and help you with filing an insurance claim if you have damage. We employ licensed adjusters who work for you and know storm damage when they see it, which gives us instant credibility with your insurance company.

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