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How to Hire the Right Roofer

How to Hire the Right Roofer

Whether you’re looking to make roofing repairs or have a complete replacement, having your roof worked on can be a significant, expensive investment. Every homeowner must understand that cheap labor results in a poor outcome, which may potentially lead to more extensive reconstruction. It is important to conduct your own thorough research while searching for the ideal roofer for your job in order to have the satisfaction of having the comfort of your home returned to normal.

The following are questions you should ask every roofer you interview before hiring:

  • Are you licensed? While many states, including Texas, require a roofer to possess a license to work, all states have different codes to abide by. It’s imperative to do your own research about the code requirements in your area.
  • Are you insured? If you hire a roofer or company that doesn’t provide their employees workers’ compensation insurance and someone gets hurt on your property, you may be liable to pay for their medical expenses. Also, ensure they have liability insurance which covers your property from any substantial damage caused during repairs or replacement.
  • Will there be a warranty on my roof? Having your roof under warranty guarantees that any issue which occurs after repairs or replacement can be resolved by the roofing company.
  • What will happen if poor weather occurs during the job? Make sure your roofer has a plan for this type of issue by covering the job with tarpaulins or plastic covers.
  • Will you clean up after yourself? Unfortunately, there are roofers out there who leave the cleanup to the owner once the job is complete. Make sure they supply their own container for refuse material.
  • Will you protect my landscaping during the job? It’s important to not only be concerned about the roof while the project is being completed, but also be aware of the surrounding area.
  • Do you have a local phone number and address? All reputable businesses have listings for their company. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, before or after the job is complete, having their contact information is important.
  • Can you provide a written estimate? Not having a detailed estimate can be an issue down the road. Before you sign the contract, ask for a detailed estimate for the project.

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