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3 Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs

3 Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs

A roof that is collecting water is never a good thing. Flat roofs a very susceptible to water damage, since their design does not allow for a natural water drainage system. In order to prevent your flat roof from turning into a swimming pool, our Midlothian roofers share three main ways to drain the water that might collect there effectively.

The 3 drainage solutions for flat roofs are:

  • Gutters - These are open pipes that run along the edge of the roof. They collect water and runoff, carrying it away from the building. Gutters need to occasionally be cleared of any debris that may be blocking the flow of water. This is considered the most cost-effective solution since they can be attached to an already finished roof.
  • Scuppers - Scuppers are outlets that are placed on the edge of the roof, like a gutter, but project the water away from the building. The walls and foundation of the property are kept dry. These work best on a sloped structure but are also effective when the water is directed through a tapered insulation system.
  • Interior Drains - This is a drainage system made multiple drains moving water from the center of the roof to the outer edges. This is often the choice for larger roofs that collect water in the center. The drains are built into the roof, making it appear as if the drains are not there. Because it is installed inside the roof, this tends to be the most costly choice.

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