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My Roof is Moldy - Now What?

My Roof is Moldy - Now What?

Mold is a common issue for homeowners everywhere. Anywhere stagnant air, darkness, and consistent moisture exists can help foster mold growth, and your roof is no exception. On rooftops, mold tends to grow around areas there leaves and other organic debris build up and retain moisture that sits stagnant for weeks or months at a time. What should you do if you notice mold has started to develop on your roof? Read on to find out.

Identifying Mold

Most people have seen mold before, but few people know what it looks like when it’s on your roof. In drier climates like Texas, mold is usually found in organic material and looks like dark or black streaks. However, sometimes you may not even notice the mold on your roof until you start suffering from the adverse health effects it can cause. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to prevent mold spores from landing on your roof, but there are steps you can take to prevent mold from settling and growing.

Cleaning Mold

The oldest way of cleaning mold off your roof is a bleach rinse. Simply take chlorine bleach and mix it with water, then spray it on your roof and leave it for about five minutes before rinsing it off. This is made much easier if you have a powerful hose or a pressure washer. However, this method is not really advised anymore; chlorine is toxic to plants and animals, and can even damage your roof shingles if left on too long or not rinsed away completely.

A better solution is to use a commercial roof cleaning product. You’ll still want to make sure you spray off your plants and foliage after doing so, but these products often don’t require rinsing themselves and can prevent mold or algae growth for a considerable amount of time. They are not as effective at removing mold staining as bleach, but they’re far better for your home and your yard.

Keeping Mold Away

Once you have cleaned mold off your roof, keeping it away is a simpler matter than you might think. The aforementioned cleaning products are designed to offer extended protection from mold and algae, provided you reapply it every few years or so. A longer-term solution is to install zinc or copper strips near the ridgeline of the affected roof planes. Simply slip the strips beneath the shingles and nail them in place. When it rains, the water will wash these minerals down your roof, clearing the mold away with the natural tendencies of these metals.

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