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Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Why Do Some New Roofs Fail?

    If you need a new roof, you have a lot of options available when choosing a contractor. However, we unfortunately hear from a number of homeowners who need to have their brand new roof repaired after it has already failed. Sometimes this can even occur as soon as the first rainfall after the roof replacement. Why can this happen? Unfortunately, the most common cause of premature roof failure is ...
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  • How to Prevent Roofing Defects

    When you replace the roof over your business or build a brand new building from the ground up, the roof you place over it is one of the largest and arguably most important investments you can make. Therefore, it’s not unusual to expect your new roof to be well-constructed and free from potentially-dangerous defects. However, roofing defects are one of the leading construction claim types in the ...
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  • Is My Commercial Roof in Bad Shape?

    You rely on your roof to prevent damage to your assets and keep your business running smoothly all year round. As a business owner, you can’t afford to let your business slow down or close simply because your flat roof is experiencing an issue, so it’s critical to keep it maintained and replace it before the damage can cause an expensive closure. How do you know when your flat commercial roof ...
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  • Preparing Your Roof for Summer

    Summer is a time for fun, so it goes without saying that roof maintenance is pretty much the last thing you want to be doing. This is especially true when temperatures soar into triple digits. However, what you may not realize is that the blistering heat and long hours of exposure can actually do a lot of damage to your roof, causing cracks and other spots that can turn into leaks at the first ...
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