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Is My Commercial Roof in Bad Shape?

Is My Commercial Roof in Bad Shape?

You rely on your roof to prevent damage to your assets and keep your business running smoothly all year round. As a business owner, you can’t afford to let your business slow down or close simply because your flat roof is experiencing an issue, so it’s critical to keep it maintained and replace it before the damage can cause an expensive closure. How do you know when your flat commercial roof really needs replaced? Here are six signs of wear and tear that you should not ignore.

Dips & Sags

A flat roof should be even all the way across. Any large dips or sag points are signs that the insulation material has become compressed under the roof cover as a result of rain. If this isn’t addressed, interior rot becomes a very real threat to ruin the insulation and ruin the roof deck structure.

Indoor Moisture Problems

Most commercial roofs are not noticed until you discover water dripping from the ceiling or wet spots on the floor. However, other signs appear well-before this even happens to indicate the possibility of a smaller leak. Mold growth, high indoor humidity, and stains on ceiling tiles are all signs of a small leak.

Rising Energy Bills

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to heat or cool your business? Are your utility bills skyrocketing for seemingly no reason? You may be suffering from heat loss through your roof. If the insulation in your roof becomes damp, it loses its ability to insulate, and thus is a source of heat loss or heat intrusion.

Blocked Roof Drains

Believe it or not, your flat roof is not completely flat. In fact, it’s not really feasible to build it exactly flat because otherwise water cannot escape. Instead, your roof is gently sloped to a roof drain. Clogged roof drains can cause ponding, which is major cause of roof leaks, dips and sags, and many other problems.

Edge Flashing Issues

Edge flashing is what keeps the membrane on your roof in place, and any gaps in the flashing can be an easy spot for water to leak in and get into the structure of your roof, causing damage. It’s a good idea to frequently give your roof an inspection by walking the perimeter and looking for any flashing gaps.

Blistering or Bubbling

If you notice bubbles starting to form under your membrane, this is a sign that water vapor has become trapped between the membrane and the substrate on your roof. This is usually the result of poor membrane adhesion leading to a very small water leak. If it’s not fixed before the bubble cracks, the roof will start to leak.

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