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Can You Repair Your Roof in Winter?

Can You Repair Your Roof in Winter?

Spring is finally here, which means many people are scrambling to schedule a repair or service for their roof which they discovered during the cold, wet winter season. Roofing issues during the winter are a pretty common story: a customer calls about repairing a leak or some other issue they weren’t aware of until the first big rainfall. Upon inspection, we discover that the roof can’t really be repaired and should be fully replaced. While this is the last thing many homeowners want to hear in the middle of winter, it’s not as bad as you might think. In fact, replacing your roof during winter is preferred in some instances. Read why on our blog.

Repair Problems Before They Get Worse

Winter is the hardest time of the year on your roof. While the sun baking your roof is tough, the expansion and contraction of your roofing material in the daily freezing and thawing cycle can cause even more leaks to develop or existing ones to expand and become even more dangerous to your home. If you don’t get these leaks fixed quickly, your home could suffer from structural or drywall damage, which makes an even larger repair bill in the summer and could even weaken your home. Too much snow load combined with a weakened roof is a recipe for the ultimate danger: a collapse.

Better Working Conditions

Believe it or not, some contractors actually prefer working in the winter months. Not only do they appreciate actually having the work (winter is by far our slowest season of the year), but many don’t mind putting on a coat to work as opposed to summers when they get cooked on a rooftop. During summers, when it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s probably closer to 120 degrees on your roof. Combined with humidity, you get some pretty miserable working conditions. A chillier winter day can be quite enjoyable by comparison.


As stated previously, winter is the slowest time of the year for most roofers, so availability is usually pretty open for services. In spring, those who put off repairs because they believed they had to will scramble to make the fixes they need, and others want to be getting their roof prepared before rainfall begins during the summer and fall months. Availability is quickly filled up, and a repair may even take weeks to begin during these times.

During winter, even if you need a full replacement, we may be able to start your project next-day or within just a couple of days’ time. Of course the extent of your project will also play a role in how feasible it is to undertake it at any particular time. For example, repairs likely cannot be made during the middle of a blizzard or a severe rainstorm. So next winter, if you discover a leak, do not hesitate to speak with a technician to discuss your roofing issue and we can arrange your service to get your roof repaired and keep your home protected, no matter the time of year.

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