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Preventing Ice Damage to Your Roof

Preventing Ice Damage to Your Roof

If there’s one thing about Texas weather that you can predict, it’s that it’s entirely unpredictable. Winter months may be warm and comfortable one day and then frigid, windy, and snowy the next. While snowfall dusting your home may be thrilling for the kids and those who enjoy snowball fights, it’s actually a time of concern for homeowners who may be facing a serious threat to their roof: ice.

How Ice Forms

Most people know that warm air rises toward the roof of your home because it is less dense, and thus lighter than cold air. This means that warm air flows up into your attic and up against the underside of your roof, where it can warm and even cause the first layers of snow on your rooftop to begin to melt. This water then travels down your roof toward the ledge, but cools again as it does so, eventually freezing when it gets away from the heat for long enough, only this time forming into a block of ice, known as an ice dam. Ice dams can prevent water from draining down into gutters and even freeze further, making an ice dam bigger and heavier and even more dangerous.

Preventing Ice Dams

In addition to being a threat to falling off your roof, ice dams cause water buildup over small spots on your roof, which can then cause those spots to develop leaks, which cause structural damage, drywall damage, and many other problems to your home. Therefore, it’s important to do everything in your power to prevent them.

There are a few simple ways to do so.

  • Use your water heater. Simply attach a garden hose to the drainage spout on your home’s water heater and you’ll have warm water on command. Spray the warm water on the built up ice to melt it down and eventually dislodge it. Make sure nobody is standing below the area where you are working, including yourself.
  • Use a de-icing puck or tablet. There are some new products available on the market that function similarly to salting your driveway: they lower the freezing temperature of water, causing it to melt and eventually drain itself away. The only difference is these new products have far less impact on the environment, and won’t destroy grass, trees, bushes, and the underside of your car.
  • Check your ventilation. Consider inspecting your attic to see where any heat may be escaping. Seal the cracks between plywood sheets with insulating tape. You may also want to consider having a professional Midlothian roofer perform a full inspection at the start of winter. This can help you fix any potential trouble spots before they become serious issues.

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