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Seven Types of Roofing Tiles for Your Home

Seven Types of Roofing Tiles for Your Home

Your roof is easily one of, if not the most important part of your home. You rely on your roof to protect you, your loved ones, and your possessions, so it’s important for it to be durable. But your roof does more than that: it also plays a huge role in your home’s overall appearance, and an ugly roof can both be a huge eye-sore and bring down the value of your house. So when the time comes to replace your roof, you’ll need to make the important decision of what material to build it from. Tiles are an extremely popular choice due to their wide variety that fits many different budgets while remaining durable. Here are the pros and cons of seven different tile materials.

Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are a popular roofing choice for many homeowners due to their incredible durability. These materials come in a variety of shapes and colors to match the look of nearly any other type of material, but are constructed of galvanized steel that is coated to prevent oxidization and weakening. They can range pretty widely in cost as well, making them suitable for many budgets.

Ceramic Tiles

Also known as clay tiles, this popular material looks great on older brick, stone, and wooden buildings for a historic look. One of the biggest benefits of clay tiles is that they’re fireproof, meaning your roof won’t catch on fire if cinders from a nearby fire land on it. They’re also excellent at insulating from heat. However, they’re also more delicate and tend to crack on impact much easier than other materials.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete is a popular tile material because it’s remarkably inexpensive. These tiles are constructed of three ingredients: cement, sand, and water. Manufacturing involves mixing these components, pouring them into a mold, and then coloring them. Once the tiles have matured, they’re ready for your roof. Most of these tiles look very similar to natural clay, only with much better durability. However, they’re extremely heavy and some roofs can’t support their weight.

Cedar/Wood Tiles

Cedar is one of the most popular renewable roofing materials. While they’re not as durable as other types, they’re light-weight and provide a popular, natural look to homes. Wood tiles do take more maintenance and are prone to cracking or developing leaks after a while, but they’re inexpensive and have very little impact on the environment once they are replaced (simply decomposing into soil once again).

Composite Tile

Composite tiles are a relatively new technology. These tiles are constructed of a thin steel sheet that’s coated with a synthetic polymer material and then blasted with tiny stone chippings for added durability and protection. The result is a material that’s lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and can match nearly any style you’re looking for.

Slate Tiles

Slate is one of the most beautiful and highly-desirable types of roofing materials available. This material provides a stunning, non-uniform look since the rock these tiles are cut from is naturally occurring. Their durability is impeccable, with well-maintained roofs having lifespans in excess of 80-100 years before replacement. However, as with concrete tiles they’re extremely heavy and many roofs cannot carry their weight without reinforcement. They’re also one of the priciest roofing materials available, so those on a lower budget probably won’t even be able to consider these as an option.

Copper Tile

Perhaps the only type of roofing more expensive than slate is copper. This precious metal has skyrocketed in value in recent years, making it very costly to install. However, it’s perhaps the only roofing material that gets more and more beautiful with age. As copper tiles are exposed to the open air, they oxidize and are then covered by a patina, which gives an extremely appealing look. Copper tiles are traditionally small, meaning you can use them for complex roof designs rather easily. However, while they’re also extremely durable and have a lifespan of 100 years or more, they’re also soft and must be installed extremely carefully to avoid crumpling.

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