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  • How to Prevent Roofing Defects

    When you replace the roof over your business or build a brand new building from the ground up, the roof you place over it is one of the largest and arguably most important investments you can make. Therefore, it’s not unusual to expect your new roof to be well-constructed and free from potentially-dangerous defects. However, roofing defects are one of the leading construction claim types in the ...
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  • What You Should Look for in a Roofing Contractor

    When it comes to roofing contractors, not every company is the same. To pick one at random or to hire the first one you see is doing yourself a disservice. At Elite Roofing and Consulting, we hold our team to a high level of standard that, sadly and truthfully, many other roofing contractors just can’t meet. To ensure that you are not settling on a dud, look for these things when hiring a roofing ...
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  • How to Hire the Right Roofer

    Whether you’re looking to make roofing repairs or have a complete replacement, having your roof worked on can be a significant, expensive investment. Every homeowner must understand that cheap labor results in a poor outcome, which may potentially lead to more extensive reconstruction. It is important to conduct your own thorough research while searching for the ideal roofer for your job in order ...
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  • Which Roofing Companies To Trust After A Bad Job

    Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company after a Bad Experience It’s happened before. You’ve decided to hire a company or professional of some type and you had a horrible experience. Now you are apprehensive about hiring professionals again, afraid that you can’t trust them to get the job done. Elite Roofing and Consulting has heard your horror stories of bad roofing companies who made you distrust ...
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