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  • My Roof is Moldy - Now What?

    Mold is a common issue for homeowners everywhere. Anywhere stagnant air, darkness, and consistent moisture exists can help foster mold growth, and your roof is no exception. On rooftops, mold tends to grow around areas there leaves and other organic debris build up and retain moisture that sits stagnant for weeks or months at a time. What should you do if you notice mold has started to develop on ...
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  • Can You Repair Your Roof in Winter?

    Spring is finally here, which means many people are scrambling to schedule a repair or service for their roof which they discovered during the cold, wet winter season. Roofing issues during the winter are a pretty common story: a customer calls about repairing a leak or some other issue they weren’t aware of until the first big rainfall. Upon inspection, we discover that the roof can’t really be ...
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  • Preventing Ice Damage to Your Roof

    If there’s one thing about Texas weather that you can predict, it’s that it’s entirely unpredictable. Winter months may be warm and comfortable one day and then frigid, windy, and snowy the next. While snowfall dusting your home may be thrilling for the kids and those who enjoy snowball fights, it’s actually a time of concern for homeowners who may be facing a serious threat to their roof: ice. ...
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