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  • How to Prevent Roofing Defects

    When you replace the roof over your business or build a brand new building from the ground up, the roof you place over it is one of the largest and arguably most important investments you can make. Therefore, it’s not unusual to expect your new roof to be well-constructed and free from potentially-dangerous defects. However, roofing defects are one of the leading construction claim types in the ...
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  • How an HVAC Unit Can Harm Your Roof

    HVAC systems are commonly installed on the roof of commercial buildings. While the benefits of having a cool building are abundant, however, they may cause several problems. These issues result in costly repairs and perhaps complete replacement if the problem has been ignored for a long period of time. Improper Installation HVAC units are typically massive in size, so if they aren’t installed ...
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  • Signs that You Need a New Roof

    When your car keeps breaking down, you know that it’s time to get a new one. When your clothes don’t fit anymore or go out of style, you know that it’s time to get new clothes. But what about your roof? Unless your roof collapses, catches fire, or gets crushed by a tree, it is not readily apparent when it is time for your roof to be completely replaced. The following are the common signs that ...
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  • How To Install Roofing Felt

    There are many steps included in installing a new roofing structure . It all begins with a solid decking foundation created from plywood or strand board. This plywood is not waterproof, which requires a waterproofing membrane called roofing felt, or also called tar paper. This paper forms with the plywood to create a barrier for moisture. The amount of waterfall in your area will determine the ...
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  • 4 Ways to Prepare for your New Residential Roof Installation

    Preparing for Residential Roof Replacement Taking the news that your roofing needs replacement may be hard to hear but it is inevitable. Once you find signs of mold, water damage, and leaks there is little room for repair; the extent of the damage may be too great. If you are expecting a roofing contractor in Midlothian to replace your residential roof, you may not know the process to prepare for ...
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