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  • Is My Commercial Roof in Bad Shape?

    You rely on your roof to prevent damage to your assets and keep your business running smoothly all year round. As a business owner, you can’t afford to let your business slow down or close simply because your flat roof is experiencing an issue, so it’s critical to keep it maintained and replace it before the damage can cause an expensive closure. How do you know when your flat commercial roof ...
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  • Three Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Summer

    Summer may seem like a time for warm temperatures, picnics, barbecues, and excellent weather, but it’s by no means any easier on your roof. The blistering temperatures and seemingly-endless hours in the sun can stress and damage anything fairly quickly, including the materials on your roof. Therefore, preparation for these summer months is important. Here are three tips to help you get your roof ...
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  • When Should You Schedule a Roofing Cleaning Service?

    In order to avoid costly repairs and increased HVAC expenses, homeowners and business owners must clean and maintain their roofing systems. It is imperative to schedule a roof cleaning or preventative maintenance at least once a year with a licensed and insured contractor. But when is the best time to schedule a cleaning? While there is no such thing as a wrong time to get roof cleaning, spring’s ...
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  • How an HVAC Unit Can Harm Your Roof

    HVAC systems are commonly installed on the roof of commercial buildings. While the benefits of having a cool building are abundant, however, they may cause several problems. These issues result in costly repairs and perhaps complete replacement if the problem has been ignored for a long period of time. Improper Installation HVAC units are typically massive in size, so if they aren’t installed ...
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  • How to Determine if You Have a Roof Leak

    While a roof leak seems like a minor issue, not fixing it immediately can result in significant structural damage to your home or office building and can even negatively affect your health due to ceiling mold. However, roof leaks are not so simple to diagnose. The following are the telltale signs that you have a roof leak: Water stains on the ceiling. Unless there is plumbing in your attic, the ...
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  • Dangers of Moisture on Commercial Roofs

    Owners of commercial and industrial building must understand the potential dangers which can have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of their flat roofs. One of those dangers is moisture, which appears in a variety of ways. In order to learn how to resolve these moisture-related issues, you must understand how they appear and how to protect your roof. The following are the various types of ...
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  • Common Roof Problems

    Whether obvious or unexpected, roof problems can be an expensive problem. Even minor issues can result in substantial damage to the interior of your home or office building. Conducting a roof inspection on a regular basis can help prevent you from experiencing these issues and paying for more costly repairs down the road; however, most people forget to do so. The following are common roof problems ...
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  • Things to Consider as Hail Season Approaches in Dallas

    Every year spring storms bring hail and wind damage to the Midlothian and Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area and surrounding counties. As the storm season quickly approaches, here are some thoughts and advice to better prepare you for what you may have to deal with. Beware of “Door to Door” Roofing Companies Dealing with property damage is stressful and time-consuming. On top of that, roofing contractors ...
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  • Common Causes for Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

    Even if your roof is well-maintained or fairly new, heavy rainfall is still a cause for concern. The areas of your roof that are prone to pooling water can lead to a leak during heavy rain. Not to mention, your gutters simply may not be able to keep up with the downpour. Below are some common causes of roof leaks in heavy rain. Leaking Skylight It is not uncommon for skylights to leak during heavy ...
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