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We Offer Detailed Roof Consultations & Inspections

When you choose Elite Roofing and Consulting for a roof consultation or inspection, you can be confident that you will receive a thorough and comprehensive report that will leave no issue untouched. By having our Midlothian roofers provide a consultation, you may be able to extend your roof's life, prevent major maintenance or replacement issues, and have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in trusted hands.

We Are Here to Help

Common roof conditions such as punctures, faulty installation, material shrinkage, and more can be identified and treated before more damage can occur. With our specialized roofing inspection equipment, we are able to locate even the smallest leaks.

By using camera scanning, metering, and visual inspections, we prepare hundreds of pages of scientific and professional analysis that includes detailed reports and professional photos. These reports can then be used to know where to repair areas of the roof, the best ways to perform the repairs, and understand if a roof replacement may be recommended.

Why Hire Our HAAG Certified Midlothian Roof Inspectors?

The HAAG Certified Inspector (HCI) courses are comprehensive training programs designed for professionals. These courses combine damage assessment training and testing, which has prepared us to perform the most thorough and professional roof inspections in the industry.

Whether you need a professional roofing consultation or inspection for an insurance claim, real estate transaction, expert witness or any other reason, our Midlothian roofers at Elite Roofing and Consulting are highly trained and qualified to give you a high quality and honest evaluation of your home or business' roof.

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